Supporting the Earth to Support Us

Supporting the Earth to Support Us

'Birds Bees and Butterflies' has been the scaffolding on which I have built my public presence. I have been somewhat frustrated lately by the limited scope of that theme, and feeling the need to share some stuff that falls outside of that description.

I have focused on birds, bees and butterflies for reasons best explained here, but lately, I have been itching to share more. Particularly after covering a lot of this country by car over the last three weeks, I really want to share more of my beloved island home with you. (Watch out for more about that trip soon.)

Birds, bees and butterflies are great, but there is so much more in front of me when I look around. So I have broadened my horizons somewhat, focusing now on this wide brown land I call home. Australia is an exquisite place, with simply astonishing countryside and animals. I want to share it all!



This means that future designs will include images with a wider range of Australian scenes, and imported products will continue to be nature-inspired, but with a lot more scope to choose from. Don't worry, there will still be plenty of birds, bees and butterflies fluttering around, too.

I already cheated a bit by including our wonderful handmade bamboo sunglasses in the product range They are obviously neither bird, bee, nor butterfly, but I just adore them, so I made a little exception based on the fact that they are seriously eco-friendly, and worked them loosely into the theme. Now they don't have to hide as the site's only non-flying item, and will soon stand proudly with our other new inclusions.

I have made some changes to the store, and given it a cleaner, more streamlined look. There will also be a bit more to investigate, explore and take in, and with a slightly broader focus. This whole endeavour has always been a work in progress, so I hope you enjoy the ride as we change things up a bit, and introduce a few new goodies.


What Does JenC Represent?
When I sat down and thought about what I am creating here, I realised that I have a platform, and therefore a responsibility, to share a message with the people I am connecting with.

The message that I choose to share is an encouragement to learn what it is to 'live lightly' with the Earth. An understanding that we are all connected by the very ground that we exist on, and a call to recognise the fruits of our planet not as our resources - our property, to be selfishly taken and used, but as Earth's resources. The things the planet needs to continue living, and providing us with life; the other, smaller, pieces of our home. 

Ours, like all homes, is one that needs to be supported, maintained and cared for, in order to continue supporting the lives of the species' that live within it.  We believe that providing that support should be integral to the way we live our lives, and conduct our business.

We also believe that our commitments can be announced to the world with beautiful things that mirror our environment.

Our new Mission statement reflects this:


Our objective is to provide beautiful products that remind and connect us to nature,
while promoting personal and global environmental responsibility.

And our newly penned Vision Statement will guide everything we do going forward:


We will work to:

    • Design, create and share uniquely beautiful items, inspired by nature's exquisite existence.
      • Use our voice to promote ideas about:
        • living lightly, on the Earth and in our communities;
        • sharing our planet and its resources with active compassion;
        • appreciating the incredible life the natural world provides us, and
        • being mindful of the cost of of that provision.

      Through our social media accounts, and this blog, I will be looking for and sharing stories that explore the theme of supporting the Earth to support us. I hope you like the changes, and I look forward to your feedback and suggestions on how we can continue to improve your experience with


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