Sunglasses, Watches and Shoes, Oh My!

Sunglasses, Watches and Shoes, Oh My!

Introducing Our Newest Product Lines

We've been hard at work over the last couple of months, to bring you some exciting new products.  You may have seen some of these on social media, but here are all the details, just in case you missed them, as well as a sneak peek at a couple of things that are coming up soon.


We have recently sourced a line of incredible watches made from natural materials like bamboo wood and cork. The watches come in a range of unique styles and sizes, and all feature Quartz movement for precision timekeeping.

These watches are a subtle statement about your eco-conscious style, and are sure to draw comments.

You will find all our new watches here.



Sunglasses have been a part of our product line for a while now, but we have just increased the size of the range.  We now have eight great varieties to choose from.  Look out for more next season. 
From smooth retro styling to snazzy coloured lenses, you will find all our new sunglasses here.


Along with the amazing boots released earlier this year, we have some cute new footwear that will definitely turn heads. Ranging from snazzy sneakers adorned with parrots, to glamorous butterfly wing high heels, you will find something for any occasion.

You will find all our new shoes here.






Living Lightly Products
In line with our focus on living lightly with the Earth, we will soon bring you a rotating range of products to help you in your quest to live more sustainably, and to bring nature into your everyday life.

We are very excited to bring you these products, which will include practical things like urban beehives, as well as more aesthetic items, such as a window mounted bird feeder.  Look out for them soon.

The Living Lightly section is still very much under construction, but check out what we are doing here.


Fair Trade Products
We will have some exciting news very soon regarding our direction towards Fair Trade products.  This will mean even more cool new designs coming soon - but these ones will be different.  Our Fair Trade items will be exclusively sourced from artisans working with Fair Trade companies, to ensure the best outcomes for local communities.

Keep an eye out for an announcement about this very cool development, and watch for the new products, which will be in store soon.


In the coming months, we will continue to work to bring you amazing products at great prices, as well as start to fill out and update the Living Lightly section of the site.  We have big plans, so come back regularly and watch this space!




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