Introducing Fair Trade Products

Introducing Fair Trade Products

As usual, I am super excited to let you know about yet another new product range, in store now.  This one is a bit different, though, and I am so proud, as well as excited to bring these products to you. 

In line with JenC's focus on living lightly, with the Earth and with each other, we have sourced a brand new range of Fair Trade products from artisan cooperatives and local artists around the world.  This diverse range includes things like journals, incense, incredibly delicate jewellery, and beautifully unique art pieces.  We will be including more and more Fair Trade products over time, as we source new, ethically-focused suppliers.

The Fair Trade paradigm ensures that all artists receive a fair and equitable deal for the products that they make.  These quality pieces are all handmade by local craftsmen and women, often working in their own home, always within their local communities.  The power of the internet means these people can benefit by being bringing their products to people like you, across a huge market, half a world away.

Your purchase of these pieces not only keeps your fashion style wickedly on-trend and announces your love of nature, it also helps provide artists and their local communities with everything they need to thrive. 

You can learn about the artist(s) that made your item before you buy.  Details about the collective or individual artist that has produced each item can be found on the product pages.

I will be profiling each of these wonderful artists, now creating beautiful pieces for us, over the coming weeks, so watch out to learn more about our exquisite new products, and the people who make them.  The first of these groups, Artisana, creates gorgeous, unique jewellery.  We will find out all about them and what they do in the coming days.

Until then, you can check out all of our new Fair Trade products here.


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