Living Lightly and Active Compassion

Living Lightly and Active Compassion

Welcome to the Living Lightly blog.

Here I will explore ways that we can reduce our negative impact on the planet, and learn to use natural resources wisely and with active compassion. This blog will be part of a wider effort to educate and engage people in the idea of living lightly, with our planet and with each other.  You can see more about our Living Lightly resources here.  This brand new area of the site is still very much under construction, so check back often to see what's happening.

In an attempt to shed some light on the guiding principles of the Living Lightly ethos, I thought I should attempt to explain what I mean by 'active compassion', which you may see used around the site, and which I use in quite a specific way.

Active compassion springs from an understanding that we are not alone on Earth, and that the resources that the planet provides exist for the fair and equitable use of all of the lifeforms living here.  At its base level, it inspires the practice of kindness and generosity to all other living things, both in a material and spiritual sense.  It prevents us from having a 'them and us' attitude, and prompts an understanding that there really is just 'us'.

Active compassion makes people volunteer their homes and their hospitality to others with less.  It mobilizes crowds, ready and eager to help, at any tragedy or disaster.  It galvanizes disparate groups to organize resources for those that cannot find them during difficult times.

Active compassion is a way to view the world and a way to live your life. It is not just something that you do, it is something that you become, something that you are. Conscious active compassion changes lives.

It can benefit your own life in more ways than you can imagine, and your actions can help inspire others to do the same for themselves.  In this way, active compassion is a viral sensation, leaping from one individual to another with each act of kindness and generosity.

I would urge you to explore active compassion in your own life, in your interactions with other people and with the planet.  There are thousands of moments a day when we can create little acts of compassion.  The key is to see the opportunities and take them with both hands.

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